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Rockstar Icon Designer

Posted by ZERGE

Rockstar Icon Designer

In this comprehensive book, veteran icon designer Kate McInnes takes you through the history, theory and practice of icon design.

In this book Kate shares with you her experience and expertise by covering everything from the history and theory of icon design, to best practices and methods.

She’ll also take you through the whole process of creating your own icon set, and walk you through actual tutorial exercises where you’ll design icons from scratch.


“Hi, I’m Kate, the author of Rockstar Icon Designer.

When I first started out in icon design I found that there was very little information to help guide me though the design process. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally came to understand and really appreciate the wonderful world of icons.

During the course of this book, I will share my experiences in the field of icon design. I’ll look at rendering styles and ways to achieve them, and the many uses for icons today. This book won’t teach you how to emulate others. It won’t focus heavily on one OS over another; nor will it turn you into a master overnight. Instead it will help you create designs that will stand up to the test of time and help you better understand the constraints (and the joys) of pixel perfect rendering and icon design in general.”

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