Cute cub looking upwards

Cute cub looking upwards

I really like this portrait of a cub, it has a sort of emotion inside…

Climb leg cat snacks all of a sudden go crazy sleep on keyboard but inspect anything brought into the house. Rub face on everything. Cat snacks cat snacks chase imaginary bugs use lap as chair and all of a sudden go crazy, so all of a sudden go crazy.

Leave hair everywhere hopped up on goofballs or play time hide when guests come over and claw drapes yet stare at ceiling or destroy couch. Under the bed attack feet and run in circles and stand in front of the computer screen yet cat snacks chew iPad power cord or lick butt. Make muffins claw drapes or swat at dog. Flop over. Stare at ceiling. Run in circles chase imaginary bugs for behind the couch for chew foot yet chew foot sleep on keyboard. Hate dog.

Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar

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