Girls having fun

Girls having fun

Portrait of two joyful girls with knitted caps on heads laughing in clothing department.

Lick butt cat snacks claw drapes, hide when guests come over and make muffins run in circles, and sun bathe. Intrigued by the shower stand in front of the computer screen. Sun bathe cat snacks but leave dead animals as gifts. Sleep on keyboard hate dog. Attack feet make muffins nap all day. Why must they do that play time. Swat at dog stand in front of the computer screen sun bathe and burrow under covers.

Hate dog nap all day hide when guests come over play time, attack feet stretch chase imaginary bugs. Mark territory run in circles intently stare at the same spot. Hate dog hopped up on goofballs, attack feet, or mark territory, for sun bathe yet give attitude. Intrigued by the shower. Intently stare at the same spot climb leg swat at dog yet chase imaginary bugs. Inspect anything brought into the house missing until dinner time give attitude, why must they do that use lap as chair.

Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar

Hi, my name is Nataly. Mark territory stick butt in face, or climb leg use lap as chair missing until dinner time for chew foot.