Forum User Settings

IN BBPress Codex

This area defines the privileges and restrictions for the bbPress forums.

Disallow editing after

Set this to the time (in number of minutes) to limit post editing. Once the time limit has been reached the forum post no longer be available for editing to forum participants. Administrators and bbPress Moderators can override this setting at any time.

Throttle posting every

Set this to the minimum time (in seconds) between posting new replies in bbPress forums. This is useful to help stop spamming or other attempts to interrupt the normal flow of the forum.

Anonymous posting

Any site visitor can post a new topic or reply without the need of logging into your site. They will still be required to enter a name and email to post, but will not be required to create a username or password and will not be shown in the list of WordPress Users.

Auto Role

Select the default role for bbPress forum members to be assigned, the roles are Keymaster, Moderator, Participant (Default), Spectator and Blocked. For full details of the permissions assigned by these roles please User Roles and Capabilities.

Forum Features


WordPress stores a new version of posts each time a draft is saved or a post is edited and republished. Enable or disable this for bbPress topics and replies here. To learn more about revisions, check the WordPress codex article on Revision Management.


Forum participants can “favorite” any topic. These topics are available later for review from the participant’s forum profile. Additionally a custom RSS feed is available allowing participants to stay up to date on topics that are important to them.


Forum participants can elect to subscribe to a forum or topic. They will be notified when a new topic is created in a subscribed forum or a new reply is posted to a subscribed topic. Subscribed forums and topics will appear on their forum user profile.

Topic Tags

This will disable topic tags site wide and will no longer show topic tags associated with each topic or the topic tag input form.

For more information: Forum User Settings

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