Theme Compatibility

IN BBPress Codex

bbPress 2.x has built-in theme support. All required elements such as front-end editing are included. This means that all functionality will work, even when a theme has no specific bbPress templates or code included with it.

All bbPress compat can be overridden using a theme or another plugin. Check bbp-theme-compat template wrappers for what a normal theme should include.

To customize bbPress:

The directory “wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/” contains the directories “bbpress”, “css”, “extras”, and “js”, and the file “bbpress-functions.php”.

  • The “bbpress” directory contains template parts. Copy any of them into a directory named “bbpress” in your themes root, so it looks like: /wp-content/themes/%your-theme%/bbpress/
  • The “extras” directory contains optional root level page templates, to make life a little easier when customizing; copy any you want to use or modify into the root of your theme. eg. /wp-content/themes/%your-theme%/
  • The “css” directory contains style sheets that work with the default markup. Copy any you want to modify into a directory named “css” in your theme’s root. eg. /wp-content/themes/%your-theme%/css/
  • Basically, you could copy the entire ‘bbpress’ and ‘css’ directories out of bbPress’s default template directory, and into your theme, and bbPress will use the ones located inside your theme instead. Pretty neat, eh?

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