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A cosmopolitan, or informally a cosmo, is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice or sweetened lime juice. According to the International Bartenders Association the original recipe is based on vodka citron, lemon-flavored vodka.[1] The cosmopolitan is a relative of cranberry coolers like the Cape Codder. Though often presented far differently, the cosmopolitan also bears a likeness in composition to the kamikaze cocktail.

The origin of the cosmopolitan is disputed. It is widely believed that the drink was created independently by different bartenders since the 1970’s.[3] Generally, people have recognized that John Caine brought the drink to San Francisco around 1987 from Ohio. The same year in Manhattan, the internationally recognized version of the cocktail was created by Toby Cecchini, based on a poorly described version of Cheryl Cook’s creation.

The 1970s


One version of the creation of this popular drink credits the accomplishment to the gay community in Provincetown, Massachusetts.[3]

Cheryl Cook

A commonly cited story concerning the origins of the Cosmopolitan links South Beach, Florida bartender Cheryl Cook with the original creation.[2][3] Some people think that Cook is a mythical character,[3][6] but in an online interview,[6] Cook related the story of how she created the drink in 1985 or 1986:

What overwhelmed me was the number of people who ordered Martinis just to be seen with a Martini glass in their hand. It was on this realization that gave me the idea to create a drink that everyone could palate and was visually stunning in that classic glass. This is what the Cosmo was based on.

Cook’s original recipes called for “Absolut Citron, a splash of Triple Sec, a drop of Roses lime and just enough cranberry to make it oh so pretty in pink.”[6]

Although Absolut Citron was not introduced anywhere officially until 1988, it was test marketed in Miami.

Pink Lemonade Pink

Another important person involved in the creation of the Cosmopolitan was, Melissa Huffsmith of Manhattan. While working at The Odeon in 1987/1988, Her friend Patrick Mullen had tasted a version of the drink in Miami and she developed a slightly different version using Absolut Citron, Cointreau and fresh-squeezed lime juice. Huffsmith stated that the color should be “….just barely pink—the color of pink lemonade.” Huffsmith’s version has become an internationally standardized method for preparing the drink.[1]

Phoro by ralph and jenny


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