What happens if my account is locked?

What happens if my account is locked?

When an account is seriously past due because of a declined credit card or is downgraded to free with private repositories present, the account’s private repositories will be locked. While locked, the private repositories cannot be accessed.


Repositories are never made public nor automatically deleted when an account is locked.

Unlocking the account

If the lock was due to a billing issue, updating the card on file will trigger a new charge authorization. If the card is approved, the account will automatically unlock. If the lock was due to downgrading to free, upgrading to a paid plan will unlock the account. In either case, we only charge you for time moving forward. We do not ask you to pay for the time lapsed in locked mode.

Alternatively, if the repositories are switched from private to public, access will be restored. Be warned: Everyone has access to public repos.

If you need short-term access to the repositories to move them off of the account, please contact support.


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