Search for Items and Shops

IN Etsy

You can use the main search bar to look for items or shops.

For info on searching Teams, Forums, Treasuries, and the Etsy Blog and Seller Handbook, click here.

As you type your search, you’ll see suggestions for search terms, categories, and subcategories. If you choose the top suggestion, that will search All items.

Search for Shops

  • If you search for the exact shop name (without spaces), you’ll be brought directly to the shop.
  • If someone has tagged their items with something that matches the shop name, you’ll see those items, but there will be a link to get to the shop near the top or bottom of the page.
  • You can also use the Shop Search page.
  • Entering this web address in your browser’s address bar will also take you to a shop: Replace ‘shopname’ with the actual shop name.
    If you enter part of a shop name, you’ll see a link to search shop names that include what you searched for at the bottom of the search results.

Note: The Search function picks up words at the beginning and end of your shop name. If you search for a word that appears in the middle of your shop name, it may not work.

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