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Envato Restaurant (After Effects Project Files)

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How often should you back up?

That depends on how often you blog, how often you want to do this, and how you would feel if your database were lost along with a few posts. It is your decision.

Can you use this method to back up other data?

Yes. Backups are good all around.

How many backups should I keep?

The general rule of thumb is to keep at least three backups and keep them in three different places or forms, like CD/DVDs, different hard drives, a thumbdrive, web disk, your e-mail account, etc. This prevents problems if a single backup becomes corrupted or damaged.

Can backups be automated?

Yes. There are several methods of automating the backup process available, and we’ve listed some in the Automatic WordPress backup section. However, it is highly recommended that you back up those auto backups with a manual backup once in a while to guarantee that the process is working.

Is there more information on backing up WordPress available?

Yes. See Backup Resources for more information.

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