Terms of using Microlancer

  • Terms of using Microlancer
  • Terms of using Microlancer
  • Terms of using Microlancer

Microlancer has three sets of terms governing use of the site, as well as a privacy policy. It is important you have reviewed the terms relevant to you as they contain important information relating to your promises to us and our promises to you when using the site.

  • User Terms – These apply to all buyers, service providers and anyone who uses the site, even if they’re just browsing and don’t become a member.
  • Service Provider Additional Terms – Service Provider Additional Terms (some extra terms just for service providers).
  • Services Agreement – The agreement that a buyer and a service provider make with each other every time they agree on a job.
  • Privacy Policy – Part of the User Terms.

These terms are always accessible through the footer on Microlancer.

What are the benefits of being a service provider on Microlancer?

Microlancer offers many benefits for service providers. Primary benefits include;

  • Marketing – Envato is a trusted name in the digital space. We will put our resources behind bringing people in the door, this frees your time to focus on more important things, like doing jobs! You don’t need to spend all of your time selling yourself!
  • Protection – Microlancer takes payment up front from buyers, you can rest safely in the knowledge that if a buyer opens communication with you then they are serious about the job. We hold the payment securely until both parties confirm completion of the job. If there is a problem, we have a robust dispute resolution system in place to help ensure a fair outcome. No more chasing overdue amounts from once off clients!
  • Less Admin Work – Microlancer will help take care of admin for you. No need to assess each jobs cost, no need to answer basic customer service questions, we look after disputes, we help you with invoicing and more. But primarily, we also offer you a virtual storefront. You don’t need to build your own site, handle transactions – just get paid for doing services you define.
  • Better Work – You have total control, you decide what you want to do, what you want to charge for it, how long it will take, how many revisions are given. You can pause your services when you’re busy or on holiday and if you need to or want to you don’t have to accept a job. You have the control over what you do and how you do it.

Interested in becoming a service provider? Learn more and register your interest with us.


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