How does buying a service work?

How does buying a service work?

Browse the site until you find the service you want at the right price for you. Next, you’ll create a clear and detailed brief for the Service Provider, including any necessary files.

Payment is upfront, but will be kept in a holding account with Microlancer until the job is successfully completed.

If a Service Provider is able to perform the service you’ve requested, you’ll begin working with them. Service Providers should complete your job within the promised turnaround time.

If you’re happy with the work, we arrange for the Service Provider to be paid, and you will receive final files.

If for any reason you feel like you’re not happy with how the job went, you can raise a dispute. Disputes will be fairly judged by a trained member of the Microlancer staff. You will receive a full refund if we feel the Service Provider has not provided the level of service you paid for.

Why is payment for jobs taken upfront?

When you pay for a job, the money is not immediately transferred to the Service Provider. Instead, it stays in a holding account until the job is completed, at which point the funds are released. If you’re not happy with the Service Provider’s work, and a Microlancer team member upholds your complaint, payment will be returned to you in full.

This system ensures that Service Providers are always paid if they do good work, and that buyers can always be refunded if they don’t receive what they were promised.


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